A unique project is waiting for the investor

In the modern world, people no longer have enough simple entertainment such as going to the movies or a restaurant. The most interesting for consumers are complex entertainment projects that organically combine opportunities to relax, have fun, eat, learn something new and get a vivid impression. The success of this integrated approach is clearly demonstrated […]

Features of investment in Russian tourist facilities

Opportunities Let’s start with the latest industry statistics. According to the information provided on the official website of the Russian statistical Agency: During 2019, 24.5 million foreign tourists visited Russia. Almost 2 million people came to the country from China alone. The profit of the tourism industry for the same year 2019 amounted to more […]

Foreign business in Russia: mini-rating by industry (part two)

It is quite interesting to find out which foreign companies are present in various sectors of the Russian economy. Today, I continue my industry ranking by selecting three more outstanding foreign companies in each of the seven random sectors of the economy. Perhaps this rating will surprise you, because you probably considered some of these […]

Foreign business in Russia: mini-rating by industry

It is quite interesting to find out which foreign companies are present in various sectors of the Russian economy. I tried to create a small industry rating by selecting the three most outstanding foreign companies in each of the seven random industries. Perhaps this rating will surprise you in some ways, because you probably considered […]

Why do foreigners go to Russia?

Foreigners are increasingly choosing Russia for permanent residence, work or business. This is greatly facilitated by the easing of the conditions for obtaining Russian citizenship and the General policy of the state aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the country for foreigners. According to the summary of the main indicators of the migration situation in […]

Export of agricultural products from Russia — new recommendations

The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Russian Federation (Rosselkhoznadzor) 14/07/2020 has published recommendations on the official portal for Russian agricultural producers to pass the procedure for obtaining the right to export their products to foreign countries. I will try to summarize and explain these recommendations in a clear way. The following algorithm of […]

Import to Russia – hot ten

Medicines. Despite the fact that the country has announced a policy of import substitution of medicines, Russian medicine cannot do without many imported items. According to Rosstat, despite a slight decrease in the volume of purchases relative to the period 2016-2018, Russia continues to purchase imported pharmaceuticals for almost $ 8 billion annually. Industrial equipment. […]

Financing of Russian information technologies: 10 advantages for a foreign investor

State support. Russia has adopted the «State strategy for the development of the information technology industry in the Russian Federation for 2014-2020 and up to 2025», which provides financial support and a whole list of benefits for investors developing this sphere. High profitability of investments. Investors who have correctly determined the project’s prospects receive much […]

What is new in foreign trade regulation?!

Mandatory customs Declaration of certain product groups has been canceled Gegham Vardanyan, Minister for internal markets, Informatization, information and communication technologies of the Russian Federation, explained during the session of the Board of the European economic Commission: «Russia has canceled the mandatory customs Declaration for the following commodity groups: coal, peat, alcohols, esters, aldehydes, acids, […]

Russian «Offshores»: history and modernity

Business is primarily about efficiency. Profits should be maximized, expenses should be minimal, and capital should be protected. To minimize the tax burden and protect capital, free economic zones or, as journalists like to call them, «Offshores»are used all over the world. Cyprus, the Bahamas and Malta «Offshores» are widely known throughout the world. But […]

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