Export of agricultural products from Russia — new recommendations

The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Russian Federation (Rosselkhoznadzor) 14/07/2020 has published recommendations on the official portal for Russian agricultural producers to pass the procedure for obtaining the right to export their products to foreign countries.

I will try to summarize and explain these recommendations in a clear way.

The following algorithm of actions is proposed. Future exporter:

  1. Determines which product and to which countries it plans to deliver.
  2. Goes to the Rosselkhoznadzor website in the section «Import. Export. Transit».
  3. Select from the list the country to which the product is supposed to be delivered and go to the «Export» subsection. Now the site has published requirements for imported agricultural products from 164 countries of the world.
  4. Examines the import requirements of the importing country for these categories of goods.
  5. Certifies that the products produced by it and the terms of their delivery meet all the requirements imposed by a certain country for the import of this type of product
  6. Apply for the right to export its products through the Rosselkhoznadzor’s “Cerberus” information system. The application form and instructions for completing it are available on the main page of the “Cerberus” IP at http://cerberus.vetrf.ru.
  7. Gets the application number and a link to view the information and status of the application. The “Cerberus” IP records the date of application submission. Employees of the Rosselkhoznadzor territorial offices can make the following decisions on the application: «Assign a inspection», «Accept», «Reject». Each decision must be accompanied by a comment explaining the decision. When making a decision to «Schedule a inspection», the date of the inspection is set no earlier than 10 business days from the date of the decision.
  8. At the same time as submitting an application, an enterprise interested in exporting products must decide to conduct a laboratory test of its products for compliance with the requirements of the importing country. Such verification is carried out by accredited laboratories that are registered in “Vesta” — the Rosselkhoznadzor’s specialized information system.
  9. After processing the submitted application, the company is inspected by representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor territorial administration and the veterinary service of the subject of the Russian Federation to determine whether the data submitted in the application is valid. The inspection must be conducted within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the application. At the same time, the exporter can avoid this on-site inspection if it has recently passed such a procedure to obtain the right to supply its products abroad. In this case, only documentary verification is performed.
  10. After inspection or documentary verification, a certificate of attestation is drawn up, this is entered into the “Cerberus” system.
  11. If Russia has an agreement with the importing country that the Rosselkhoznadzor can independently include companies in the list of enterprises that can export to this agricultural product, the producer is registered as an exporter in the Cerberus system and is able to export supplies.
  12. If international agreements require an inspection of the enterprise by the competent authority of the importing country, the Rosselkhoznadzor sends an official letter to the relevant authority of this country to conduct an on-site inspection by foreign specialists. After the inspection, this office of the importing country decides whether to issue an export permit. At the same time, the Rosselkhoznadzor coordinates export certificates for products and conditions for their admission to the importing country with the specified Agency.

Now, at the height of the pandemic, export permits are issued only in the documentary control mode, without on-site inspection. After the release of the order to lift restrictions in connection with the epidemic and stabilize the situation, organizations that have received permission to export without on-site inspection will have to pass it within one month.

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Sergey Tyurenkov,
investment consultant, lawyer, curator of international projects of the «Academy of tourism, hospitality and restaurant business»

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