Foreign business in Russia: mini-rating by industry

It is quite interesting to find out which foreign companies are present in various sectors of the Russian economy. I tried to create a small industry rating by selecting the three most outstanding foreign companies in each of the seven random industries. Perhaps this rating will surprise you in some ways, because you probably considered some of these companies to be Russian. So let’s get started.

Communications and telecommunications.

  1. BEELINE — aka PJSC «Vimpel-Communications» (VimpelCom), aka «VEON», Netherlands.
  2. MTS — PJSC «MTS», aka «De Te Mobile Deutsche Telecom Mobile No GmbH», Germany.
  3. MEGAFON — PJSC «MEGAFON», aka «Telia International A. B.», Sweden.


  1. ROSBANK – France.
  3. UNICREDIT BANK – Italy.


  1. AUCHAN — JSC «Sozhepar», France.
  2. IKEA — «Klipphult holding AB», Sweden.
  3. METRO CASH AND CARRY — «Metro AG», Germany.

Chemical industry (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.).

  1. PROCTER & GAMBLE — «Procter & gamble Acquisition GmbH», Germany.
  2. MARY KAY — «Mary Kay Global, Inc», USA.
  3. SANOFI — JSC «SANOFI RUSSIA», aka «Aventis Pharma SA», France.

Automotive industry.

  1. VOLKSWAGEN — «VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus», aka «Volkswagen Akziengesellschaft», Germany.
  2. NISSAN — «Nissan Manufacturing RUS», aka » Nissan automotive Europe», France.
  3. JOHN DEERE — LLC»John Deere RUS», aka «John Deere Agricultural holdings, Inc», USA.


  1. BALTIKA — LLC «Brewing Company «Baltika», aka «Carlsberg Deutschland GmbH», Germany and «Carlsberg of Sverige Aktiebolag», Sweden.
  2. HENKEL — OOO «Henkel RUS», aka «Henkel AG & Ko. KGaA», Germany.
  3. PEPSI — «PepsiCo holdings LLC», aka «Pepsi bottling group GmbH», Germany.


  1. NESTLE — «Nestle Russia», aka «Nestle Deutschland AG», Germany.
  2. BONDUEL — LLC «Bonduel-Kuban», aka JSC «Bonduel», France.
  3. MARS — «Mars LLC», aka «Mars overseas holdings, Incorporated», USA.

The next seven industries are in the second part of this rating.

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Sergey Tyurenkov,
investment consultant, lawyer, curator of international projects of the «Academy of tourism, hospitality and restaurant business»

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