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In the modern world, people no longer have enough simple entertainment such as going to the movies or a restaurant. The most interesting for consumers are complex entertainment projects that organically combine opportunities to relax, have fun, eat, learn something new and get a vivid impression. The success of this integrated approach is clearly demonstrated by various theme parks and entertainment complexes, such as Walt Disney World or Kidzania.

A completely new approach to the theme of entertainment complexes demonstrates a project that combines the two main needs of any person – to eat delicious food and have fun.

Gastronomic Amusement Park –  Amusement thematic Park, the main theme of which is gastronomy and everything related to it.

Prerequisites for creating a Gastronomic Amusement Park

  1. In the modern world, nutrition problems have become extremely relevant. Improper nutrition, lack of time, stress, and the widespread use of «chemical» food bring the problem of healthy and delicious food to a new level of public attention.
  2. The Topic of food, cooking, serving and selection of products has become widely popular in society. A huge number of TV programs, Internet resources, books and articles are devoted to this topic, fueling interest in it among a wide range of people.
  3. A Specialized amusement Park dedicated to the topic of food and cooking will become a unique phenomenon in the tourism business. Filling such a Park with visitors is much easier, and advertising promotion becomes more effective because of the topics that are clear and close to everyone.
  4. The Gastronomic amusement Park can provide not only entertainment, but also educational and cultural mission, and therefore can count on the support of the authorities of the region in which it will be implemented.
  5. The Project is close in meaning to many large business structures — food and beverage manufacturers, retail chains, which makes it possible to attract them as partners and sponsors.

The proposed structure of the project

1. Restaurant complex.

The main structure of the project is a restaurant complex, where the team of the Park’s brand chef prepares fine dishes for guests. The main idea of the restaurant is to prepare food from local, organic products. The restaurant’s kitchen should be equipped with all the necessary modern equipment. The restaurant is planned to host weddings and anniversaries, corporate events, parties and other events.

2. Platform for gastro shows and performances.

The Central area of the Park, designed for celebrations and events. It is arranged in the open air. It is planned to hold gastronomic festivals, festivals of national cuisine, festivals of specific products ( festivals of  honey, cheese, tea, sweets, and so on), tours of culinary theaters, celebrations of private, corporate, regional and national holidays.

3. Shopping row.

The Park is planned to host a fairground shopping row for trade in ecological farm products of plant and animal origin.

4. Gastronomic Museum.

The exhibition is entirely dedicated to food and the art of gastronomy. Guests will be invited to learn all about the national, traditional cuisine of the region and the country, where the project will be implemented. In the Museum you will be able to get acquainted with ancient and modern methods of cooking, see a collection of tablewares and various culinary accessories. One of the sections of the Museum will introduce visitors to the history of serving, cutlery’s, dishes and glasses. Here they can also learn the basic rules of etiquette at the table. Guests will be able to study the layouts and scroll through the pages of old cookbooks. It is also planned to create a gallery of celebrities of culinary art in the region of the project. It will also display recipes of the best dishes of famous chefs of the world and the region.

A separate location of the Museum will be the «health Laboratory». It is planned to demonstrate the difference between environmentally friendly products and products produced using artificial additives and chemical components. Guests will also be shown various methods of checking products for environmental friendliness and will reveal the secrets of producing healthy and unhealthy food.

5. Great Cuisine of the Nations of the World.

As part of the project, it is planned to create a location «Great cuisine of the Nations of the World». Here, chefs will be able to prepare dishes of the world’s nations using traditional methods, using traditional stoves and other kitchen utensils. Guests of the Park will be offered the opportunity to participate in the preparation of national dishes and drinks, try them to national music.

6. «City of Masters».

On the territory of the Park, entertainment workshops are planned to be located, under the General name «City of Masters». The theme of the workshops will be combined with the culinary idea of the Park. These can be workshops in the following areas:

  • pottery workshop: production of tableware, kitchen utensils from ceramics;
  • workshop for the production of wooden kitchen utensils, dishes and cutlery;
  • glass-blowing workshop: making glassware from glass;
  • smithy: production of kitchen utensils and dishes made of metal.

7. Culinary attractions.

On the territory of the Park, a platform of culinary attractions is planned. Here guests will enjoy unusual culinary devices: a huge press for fruits and berries, a dry pool with mini-pumpkins, a magic ice cream castle and other interesting culinary attractions.

8. Children’s Town.

On the territory of the Park, we can not do without an entertainment space for its young visitors. Children’s rides, trampolines, fun contests and children’s animation. All this will not only entertain kids, but also free parents for more adult fun, leaving children under the supervision of experienced children’s animators.

9. Children’s location «City of Professions».

The «City of Professions» location is planned to introduce children to the basics of culinary professions in a playful way.

Professions: Chef, Cook, Pastry chef, Waiter, Bartender, Restaurant Manager.

Common to all professions are «Personnel Department» and «Award Center».

Children first get to the «Personnel Department», where they talk to a child psychologist and determine, who they would like to be today. They are take «to work», issued a work book (quest checklist) and «work» begins.

After passing the course of one of the professions — a report on achievements in the «Award Center», congratulations, awarding diplomas and prizes, photography.

10. Congress Center.

The Park can host various events. These can be:

  • symposiums, conferences, meetings of dietitians, chefs, specialists in healthy nutrition;
  • seminars, workshops, master classes on nutrition practices and technologies;
  • presentations and lectures by invited experts;
  • exhibitions and presentations of modern technologies and practices in the field of nutrition.

Demographic structure of the Park’s clients

The project will be of interest to various segments of the population. The target audience is divided into the following main groups:

By age:

  • middle-aged and older family people with children;
  • young parents with children;
  • students;
  • schoolchildren;
  • grandparents with grandchildren.

According to the degree of organization:

  • individual visitors;
  • organized groups of tourists from hotels;
  • organized groups of students and schoolchildren;
  • organized groups for events (weddings, birthdays, etc.);
  • organized business groups for events.

By nationality:

  • all nationalities, including those invited to events specially arranged for them ( for example, German Cuisine Day in the Park).

By employment:

  • all areas of employment, including those invited to events specially arranged for them ( for example, Bank Employee Day in the Park).

By style of food:

  • all food styles, including those invited to special events for them (for example, Vegetarian Day in the Park).

For health reasons:

  • healthy and relatively healthy people;
  • people, who have problems with excess weight, digestion, various chronic diseases — a target group of events dedicated to healthy nutrition.


Selling tickets to the Park.

Prices for tickets to tourist and entertainment locations in Europe and the United States (castles, amusement parks, entertainment complexes) vary from 10 to 150 Euros per ticket, depending on the level of the location and the content of the ticket.

Tickets to the Park can be sold in two types: with food and tastings included in the ticket price, or without them .

Approximate table of prices for tickets to the Park.

Adult ticketChildren’s ticketGroup ticket for adult
(for 1 person in a group of at least 5)
Group ticket for children
(for 1 person in a group of at least 5)
With food and tastings50304525
Without food and tastings10785

In addition the Park earns on:

  • Ticket sales for events, shows and cooking festivals. The existing prices for interactive cooking shows are from 10 to 20 euros per ticket, the cost of participation in events (such as the Galway International Arts Festival) is from 15 to 50 euros for visitors and from 300 to 1500 euros for organizations.
  • Financial income from advertising, promotional activities and sponsorship income from product brands. Even at the design stage, we can negotiate with specific brands that will equip the appropriate platforms, which will save some of the costs.
  • Income from restaurant activities (the average receipt is planned for about 25 euros without alcohol, 35 euros with alcohol).
  • Sales of products of the “City of Masters” and the “Great Cuisine of the Nations of the World”.
  • Income from events (weddings, corporate events, festivals, team building, conferences and presentations).

More specific financial calculations for the project (break-even point, payback, cost structure, etc.) are possible after determining the scope of the project implementation based on a specific business plan.

We will be happy to discuss all the details of this project, specific calculations and implementation plans with the interested investor. This project can be implemented both on the territory of Russia and on the territory of any other country preferred by the investor.

If you or your partners are ready to support this unique project, our team is always ready for constructive communication!

Contacts for international cooperation:
Sergey Tyurenkov
+7 903 324 52 15
Skype: tyurenkowsw
E-mail: TyurenkovSV@touracademy.pro

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