Why do foreigners go to Russia?

Foreigners are increasingly choosing Russia for permanent residence, work or business. This is greatly facilitated by the easing of the conditions for obtaining Russian citizenship and the General policy of the state aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the country for foreigners.

According to the summary of the main indicators of the migration situation in the Russian Federation for January — March 2020, presented on the website of the Ministry of  Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for this period, 161 170 foreign citizens received Russian citizenship, which is two and a half times higher than last year for the same period of time (63 249).

During the same period, the granting of residence permits to foreign citizens increased by 12% — 50 270 for January-March 2020 compared to 44 160 for the same period in 2019.

In addition, the number of issued patents (work permits in Russia) to foreign citizens (426 726) increased significantly compared to the same period last year (377 525).

I think this increase in indicators is directly related to the adoption on April 24 of Federal law No. 134-FZ  “On settlement to the Federal law“ on citizenship of the Russian Federation ”In terms of simplifying the procedure for accepting foreign citizens and stateless persons as citizens of the Russian Federation”. This law introduces a number of innovations that improve the regime for granting Russian citizenship to foreigners.

I will try to make a brief overview of these innovations:

  1. The requirement to renounce the first citizenship was excluded from the migration legislation. In other words, foreign citizens, regardless of what grounds they apply for Russian citizenship and in which country they previously lived, will be able to keep their first citizenship, while simultaneously obtaining Russian citizenship.
  2. Removed the requirement for proof of income. Now candidates will not be required to provide any certificates of income in Russia or abroad.
  3. To obtain citizenship in connection with marriage, at least one of the spouses must permanently reside in the territory of Russia. That is, to apply for Russian citizenship in connection with marriage with a citizen (or citizeness) Russia, who live outside of Russia will not be able to. If you want to be a citizen, live in the country, at least at the time of obtaining citizenship.
  4. Foreigners who are married to a Russian citizen (or citizeness) and have children together are now allowed not to wait three years after marriage to be eligible for Russian citizenship. Citizenship can be obtained immediately after the birth of common children.
  5. For those foreign citizens who have a diploma from a Russian higher or secondary special educational institution and work experience in Russia, the deadline for applying for citizenship has been reduced. If earlier for this work experience in Russia had to be three years, now this the term was reduced to one year.

Thus, we can observe a general trend towards liberalizing the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship. The state seeks to add new citizens to Russian society and new qualified personnel to the country economy.

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Sergey Tyurenkov,
investment consultant, lawyer, curator of international projects of the «Academy of tourism, hospitality and restaurant business»

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