Import to Russia – hot ten

  1. Medicines. Despite the fact that the country has announced a policy of import substitution of medicines, Russian medicine cannot do without many imported items. According to Rosstat, despite a slight decrease in the volume of purchases relative to the period 2016-2018, Russia continues to purchase imported pharmaceuticals for almost $ 8 billion annually.
  2. Industrial equipment. Russian industry is constantly in need of imported high-tech equipment. Therefore, it is the record holder of this list – 43.5 billion dollars worth of it is imported to Russia annually.
  3. Electrical equipment. Household and commercial electrical appliances, various equipment and of course all kinds of digital gadgets. In the pocket of every Russian is an imported smartphone, and on the table is an imported laptop or computer. This is confirmed by the volume of imports of electrical equipment in the amount of 30 billion dollars per year.
  4. Clothing. Since Soviet times, Russians have been taught to think that it is prestigious to dress in imported clothes. More than $ 7 billion a year is the volume of imports that supports this idea.
  5. Alcohol. Russians are famous for their love of alcohol, and the structure of imports confirms this stereotype. The country imports more than a billion dollars worth of wine a year, and another billion dollars worth of «ethyl alcohol with a concentration of less than 80%», which means whiskey, cognac and other spirits.
  6. Tires. In Russia, there is a General opinion that imported tires are much better than domestic ones. This is reflected in the volume of imports – almost 2 billion dollars a year.
  7. Leather products. Russians prefer to buy briefcases and handbags made of imported leather, hence the volume of deliveries of these products from abroad for almost a billion dollars a year.
  8. Fruit. Russians love tropical fruits, mainly bananas and oranges. This affects the structure of imports of plant products. The country imports an average of $ 1.2 billion worth of bananas a year, and 1.4 billion worth of oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits.
  9. Palm oil. The most common butter substitute is imported to Russia in the amount of almost 800 million dollars annually. More than all other imported fats and oils combined. Bon Appetit!
  10. Cheese. Although Russian cheesemakers have recently made significant progress in mastering the production of a wide variety of cheeses, Russia continues to import cheese in huge quantities. Regardless of the sanctions and protective customs duties, the country imports almost a billion dollars ‘ worth of cheese a year, outstripping all other animal products.

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Sergey Tyurenkov,
investment consultant, lawyer, curator of international projects of the «Academy of tourism, hospitality and restaurant business».

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