Financing of Russian information technologies: 10 advantages for a foreign investor

  1. State support. Russia has adopted the «State strategy for the development of the information technology industry in the Russian Federation for 2014-2020 and up to 2025», which provides financial support and a whole list of benefits for investors developing this sphere.
  2. High profitability of investments. Investors who have correctly determined the project’s prospects receive much higher returns than in many other areas.
  3. Inexpensive. Russian IT projects usually require much less investment than European or American ones.
  4. Quality. The level of training of Russian IT specialists is very high. Many international IT companies have already noticed that the quality of Russian programming significantly exceeds the quality of programming specialists in the Asia-Pacific region.
  5. Speed. In many other areas, it often takes years before the project reaches full strength and begins to pay off. You need to build or buy production facilities, buy and run equipment, recruit and train staff, find suppliers, establish sales channels, and solve many other issues. Everything happens much faster in the IT sphere.
  6. A wide selection of. A huge number of Russian IT teams are looking for funding for their projects.
  7. Visualization. As a rule, most IT projects that are in search of an investor already have initial results and developments that allow you to visually assess the project’s performance and draw conclusions about its prospects.
  8. The transborder nature. You can put together a team from different countries in an IT project. For example, you can strengthen a team from the United States with specialists from Russia, or assign a separate direction in a large project to a Russian team. And all this will work remotely.
  9. Fast entry into the world market. An investor in the IT sector does not face the same problems of bringing their products to the international market as, for example, industrial companies. There is no need to solve the issues of transportation, packaging, customs procedures, cargo insurance and many others. The result of an IT project can be quickly distributed around the world.
  10. Distance. In connection with the pandemic, we were all able to appreciate the charms of remote work. IT projects do not require the personal presence of all team members in the same office. Everything can be done in isolation and safely.

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Sergey Tyurenkov,
investment consultant, lawyer, curator of international projects of the «Academy of tourism, hospitality and restaurant business».

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