Tourism is a slice of a dream…

11.05.2020 vturizm

Probably, most people in their life are looking for their place, a place where they can make an effort and get satisfaction from it. Seeing that you give people their dreams, fulfill their desires, help them overcome all their fears and doubts, and you get great satisfaction from this. Tourism is the dream of most people, and since you are reading this, I think it is Yours, too. I really want to share what I have acquired, perhaps it will help You find your place in life.

Before entering the Academy course, I got a job at a travel Agency, but practical experience no will replace either independent travel or book ideas about the tourism industry. Therefore, I am grateful to George and Alla, who came up with and implemented the idea, and made me not a novice in the world of tourism, but almost a Sea Wolf!

The knowledge and experience that they transmit, the warmth and care for obtaining knowledge and applying it in practice, is difficult to assess. This is priceless! The people with whom we took this course together became close and dear to me! And now I share it with my clients, relatives and friends! Everyone who travels, and to whom I do not just sell tours, but help in the realization of their dreams!

I want to share this with You! If you want to do something-do it, you will succeed! I don’t doubt it!
With respect!

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