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11.05.2020 vturizm

Hello to all who read this review of the International Academy of Tourism Business. It will be of interest to tourism managers, company managers, independent travel consultants, or just people who want to evolve and seek new knowledge…

About everything in order. I find that webinars are held from the mailing list of a large tour operator «Suitcase», the head of which is Dmitry Telyuk.

The newsletter offered to participate in webinars, during which you can get such knowledge as:
1. Structure of the tourism industry,
2. Main players in the tourist market,
3. The psychology of selling,
4. Identifying the main customer need,
5. Algorithm for making an offer depending on the request,
6. What to do so that the tourist «does not get off the hook»,
7. Additional sales: how to earn more and even more?!,
8. Conflict resolution.

I have been in tourism for 6 years, we are a family business. We have always worked on an intuitive level, and it seemed to me that this kind of knowledge would definitely not hurt me.

The head of the program, our guru in the tourism business, was George Cherny, the founder of the international Academy. I really liked his way of teaching. It was with a sense of humor, no long boring dictations. It was very important for him to contact us, whether we understood everything, how we learned what was important for us. I was very pleased with the General chat, where we could communicate with him and with all the participants of the webinars. And there were not a few of them: from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and even from the UK, so the Academy really justifies the status of «international». In the Skype chat, we received daily homework, videos of each online lesson, discussed the questions we were interested in, and simply shared our experience.

During the course TourProfi-Reset, I learned a lot of new things, got a lot of useful links. I hope that all this knowledge will be used in further work with tourists. In fact, it is very difficult, you need to constantly train, but I will definitely cope!

I strongly recommend Academy courses to all beginners in order to direct their brains in the right direction, as Dmitry Telyuk said!

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