It’s time to travel !!!

11.05.2020 vturizm

I want to say a lot, but I will try to do it concisely. Learning from such a teacher as Georgy Cherny is a gift of fate, given to me by fate!!! And just at the moment when it was very, very necessary. Since I was going to open my own tourist business.
The course «Tourprofi-reset» is an invaluable information that I have been searching for a long time on the vast expanses of the Internet.
1. There is no unnecessary information (which is extremely rare).
2. Everything is explained in detail.
3. A lot of psychological moments ( so important information, both for beginners and for more experienced employees).
4. Step-by-Step algorithm of actions ( just take it and do it).
5. Communication with people who are also interested in the development of tourism business.
6. A huge plus – invited experts on various topics.
To be honest, I can endlessly list the advantages of the course!!!
Many thanks to all participants of the course!!!! The acquired knowledge has no price!! I am sure that now I will succeed 100%. Special thanks to George for his professionalism!!!!!! I wish there were more of these people in everyone’s life!!! I am LUCKY!!! I envy myself!

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