The fascinating world of tourism!

11.05.2020 vturizm

For me, studying at the Academy has become a door to the fascinating world of tourism, so interesting and exciting. I have long wanted to work in the tourism industry, but I could not, because I had no experience or specialized education in this field. Thanks to the training course «TourProfi-Reset v3.1», I got all the necessary knowledge to work in tourism, and this allowed me to fulfill my dream – to get a job in a travel Agency.

Training takes place in an active form of live communication, which is much more interesting than boring lectures at the University or reading books on tourism. The course is taught by people who have experience in tourism, so you can get not just theoretical knowledge, but also practical advice from professionals in their field.

And most importantly — a few weeks here give a lot more knowledge than a few years of study at the University. Also, the advantage of this course is that it brings together people who are passionate about tourism, working in tourism, which gives you the opportunity to communicate, share experiences, share ideas and create joint projects.

I want to thank George Cherny for an interesting and exciting training, for the invaluable advice and life experience that he shared with us.

I wish the Academy prosperity and well-being!

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